Audio distribution and multi room audio systems

What are your home audio needs? Would you like music in every room? Whether you require an audio distribution system that is very basic, highly specialised, or somewhere in-between, Audiosmiths will custom-design a whole house audio integrated solution that brings music to every corner of your home.

We offer an impressive range of multi room audio and video systems. Our systems are flexible, making it easy to integrate and automate complex audio, video and home theatre components - as well as adding new capabilities to existing systems. And because Audiosmiths's multi room audio systems are affordably priced, there is a solution for almost any budget.

Whole house audio: enjoy music anywhere and everywhere

A custom-designed multi room audio system from Audiosmiths is able to distribute music throughout your home from almost any other source, including Blu-Ray / DVD / CD players, radio, satellite television, PC audio or even a simple iPod. Large digital music collections can be stored on a central digital audio, streaming your family's favourite music to any room of the house - simultaneously or independently. Your options are unlimited!

The best part? Our multi room audio systems put YOU in total control over what everyone in the house listens to - and what volume the music is played at.

Distributed audio: easy access to all your music sources

A multi room audio system from Audiosmiths enables you access to all of your music sources (digital music collections, stereos, streaming music services, hard drives and PCs) through just one central interface - allowing you to create your own playlists by mixing any of the sources. Easy and simple.

Multi room music in your current home: no remodelling required

It's not necessary to remodel your home, knock down walls or start building a new house to enjoy the benefits of our multi room audio system. We simply integrate our multi room audio controllers to your existing bookshelf or in-wall speakers - and you're in business. The system can easily access all of your music sources and gives you complete, intuitive control over your various music libraries.

You want great sound from an unobtrusive speaker? All of our architectural speakers are designed to blend in perfectly with existing or new interior design elements, ensuring that your technical and aesthetic requirements are met.

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Multi room audio systems
Music in every room with Audiosmiths audio distribution solutions
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