Boardroom automation and control systems

Cape Town corporate boardroom automationHow often have you seen a presenter struggle to use boardroom audio-visual equipment? It can be difficult to stage a successful presentation, with problems caused by outdated or unreliable technical equipment. Boardroom projector failure, difficult-to-manage lighting and the struggle to switch between various audio-visual components are common complications.

The main issue is that non-technical users are expected to operate technically complex presentation systems. Dependence on technology means that the most basic business presentation often becomes a nerve-wracking experience.

The solution to these issues is to overhaul or replace the dated audio-visual components, adding a reliable boardroom automation system. Providing the presenter with a simple, user-friendly and highly reliable interface gives control of the presentation system and the entire boardroom.

Corporate boardroom automation and control solutions

Audiosmiths offers the best affordable, custom-designed boardroom automation systems and solutions for the Cape Town corporate and commercial market. Our systems are modular: you can start small, adding to your system as and when you need it. Our products maximise the communication experience of a wide variety of companies and facilities. Boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, training facilities and auditoriums all benefit from our automation and control solutions.

Whatever product you require (be it individually-motorised drapes and projection screens or an all-inclusive automation system), we supply you with a simple one-touch control to start and manage your presentations. The result? Flawless, impressive presentations.

Audiosmiths has the solution, no matter what your budget and requirements. We offer simplicity, efficiency and productivity with our cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions: solutions for today's technology.

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Audiosmiths’s boardroom automation and control solutions
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