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Audiosmiths: the premium service provider of fast, cost-effective and highly professional CD to MP3 conversion in South Africa. The superior technologies we use are unsurpassed in the industry. Our CD duplication service benefits consumers, restaurants, clubs, bars, audio visual system integrators, custom installers, HIFI stores and individuals who wish to rip CD collections and convert them to a digital file format. Your digitised music is conveniently stored on your own digital storage device or iPod. Alternatively, you can choose to store your music on one of our recommended external hard drives, available for purchase from Audiosmiths.

You deserve the best

One of the biggest advantages of having a digitised music collection is the ability to quickly and easily organise your music to your liking, according to your personal preferences. This is only possible with good consistent metadata. Most people don't realise how important accurate and consistent metadata is until they begin to use their digitised collection. Unfortunately, this extremely important aspect of ripping a CD collection is also the most frequently overlooked.


The importance of metadata accuracy

Popular CD ripping programmes - such as iTunes™ and MusicMatch™ - use data from various sources, including other users (who type in the information about the CDs). The use of these random and various sources leads to inconsistencies in music databases, which are used to "tag" your CD collection. If you rip your collection yourself, a significant amount of your valuable time is likely to be spent on inspecting, qualifying and fixing the data returned by these applications. There must be a better way...and there is - the Audiosmiths way!

The solution: Audiosmiths's superior CD ripping service

Audiosmiths uses a unique process which inspects, qualifies and fixes metadata for you. This process minimises the annoying errors which create problems, such as compilation CDs ending up in the wrong folder, or artists being classified by their last name first.

Free Internet Database Example: Audiosmiths Example:
Arrtist: dmb
Album: live@united center 12/19/98 (1/2)
Tracks: 1.01-intro
  2.02-the last stop
  3.03-don't drink the water
  6.06-lie in our graves
  7.07-what would you say
  8.08-pantala intro
  9.09-pantala naga-pampa
  11.11-stay (wasting time)
Dave Matthews Band
2.The Last Stop
3.Don't Drink The Wwater
6.Lie Iin Our Graves
7.What Would You Say
8.Pantala Iintro
9.Pantala Naga-Pampa
11.Stay (Wasting Time)
Live in Chicago - 12.19.98 (Disc 1)

Error detection and correction

Most of the current, popular CD rippers perform no error detection whatsoever. By doing it yourself, you could rip hundreds of CDs without ever knowing that you have been recording skips and other errors. RIPmania - Audiosmiths's ultra-professional recording equipment - detects all errors caused by flawed CDs, ejecting any CDs which are scratched or damaged. All rejected CDs are visually inspected and cleaned by a professional grade CD repair device.

Permanent archive

Your valuable music can be stored on an external hard drive: an NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, which serves as a permanent archive of your collection. If you choose to store your collection on your computer's hard drive or portable MP3 player, chances are that one day it will fail, and your collection may be lost forever. Rather than worry about the likely possibility of your digital collection being wiped out by the next lightning storm, why not rest assured in the knowledge that your entire music collection is safely stored on an external hard drive - obtainable from Audiosmiths. You deserve the best!

Superior, professional results

Audiosmiths's method of qualifying the data associated with your CDs ensures that the resulting ID3 tags and file structure is saved in a consistent format. Most of your collection will be returned with the cover art associated with each CD. This cover art is stored in the ID3 tag of each actual song file, so that if you use popular software applications (such as MusicMatch or iTunes), you'll be able to view this artwork in the application. This means that your newly digitised collection is returned to you ready for use - in a professional, perfect format.

Unmatched service and detail

Audiosmiths ensures your music will be ready to use as soon as you receive it. When you place an order with us, we offer you the opportunity to purchase a notebook containing your newly digitised collection.

Each notebook consists of a colour laser-printed index of your collection. Each index is organised alphabetically by artist name. Your compilation CDs will be placed at the rear of the index, alphabetised by album name.

Unmatched service and superior detail - the Audiosmiths way.

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