Superior DVD ripping service

Do you want to copy your DVDs and convert them to a digital file format? Transfer them to an external hard drive or digital media server? Back-up your DVDs? Convert DVD videos for playback on media players, servers and mobile devices? Audiosmiths provides you with all these services, and more.

Copying DVDs to your hard drive

Audiosmiths's high-speed DVD ripping service uses a unique data verification process which converts your entire DVD collection to digital format, returning your collection on the digital storage device of your choice. The unique technologies used by Audiosmiths along with our professional service ensure that we remain the premier DVD-ripping service in South Africa.

The challenge: ripping DVDs yourself

With digital media servers and whole-home video distribution systems becoming increasingly popular and affordable, most people now wish to have their entire DVD collection converted and ripped, to be able to watch movies directly from entertainment servers or computers without the need for a DVD player. This leads to people ripping their collections themselves, often with disastrous results. Ever tried to rip a DVD before? You are sure to understand the frustration involved: it's a difficult, time-consuming and complex process. One of the biggest advantages of having a digitised video collection is the ability to quickly and easily organise your movies to your liking. To be able to do this, having accurate and consistent metadata (genre, cast, release year, cover art and so on) is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, most people overlook this aspect, not realising how vital it is until they attempt to use their digitised collection.

Your solution: Audiosmiths's DVD ripping service

Audiosmiths's method of qualifying the metadata associated with your DVDs means that the resulting tags and file structure will be in a consistent format. Most of your DVD collection will be returned to you with the high-resolution DVD cover art associated with each DVD. This cover art is also stored in the XML tag of each DVD title, so that if you use specific video server applications, you'll be able to view this artwork and related metadata in those applications. This ensures that your newly-digitised DVD collection is returned to you ready-to-use: no more errors, frustration and waste of your time.

Peace of mind and security: your permanent archive

Audiosmiths ensures that your digitised movie collection is ready for use as soon as you receive it. If you store your collection on your computer, there is a significant chance that one day the machine will fail - and your collection may be lost forever. Rather than worry about the possibility of having your digital DVD collection wiped out by the next lightning storm or computer crash, enjoy peace of mind by safely storing your entire movie collection on your Audiosmiths storage device. When you place an order with Audiosmiths, we offer you the opportunity to purchase one of our recommended external hard drive storage devices. These hard drives are neatly organised, using a standard file folder structure. The folder structure is organised by movie title. This storage device serves as a permanent archive of your digital movie collection. Peace of mind and security: the best from Audiosmiths.


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