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The promise of home automation has captured people's imaginations for decades - from the elaborate gadgets of the 1950s to today's sophisticated home entertainment systems. But often this technology seems to create more issues: it's unrefined, too expensive, and difficult to install and use. Audiosmiths in Cape Town solves all of these problems with our thoughtfully-designed home automation solutions, helping you improve and enhance your life - giving you time to enjoy the things you value most.

Home automation: systems and products

Our solutions are developed to be about you. Each home automation system is custom-designed to meet your personal needs. Our systems are the best: practical, reliable and most importantly, easy to use.

Wireless home automation

Having wireless home automation does not need to cost you a fortune. Our systems are modular and scalable, enabling you to start small and add to your system over time. We provide an ideal solution to fit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Smart home systems

Home control is much more than a universal remote, or smart lighting. Home control is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home - through one easy-to-use interface. Our solutions integrate home theatre, multi room music and video, lighting, temperature, safety and security into a single cohesive system.

Smart home systems: security

Our smart home systems make it easy to enhance the safety and security of your home, giving you peace of mind. Our systems monitor motion sensors and IP cameras, ensure that lights are turned on when you're on your way home or away on vacation, alert you if your garage doors have been left open and even allow you keep track of your children.

Smart home systems: lighting

Enhance your life further by creating custom, ambient lighting throughout your home. Our solutions help you create a beautifully-lit home that is also responsive to your needs. We supply everything from remote control to smart lighting, helping you save on electricity costs.
Our lighting products are affordably priced, and there is a complete package for almost any budget.

Smart home systems: products

Our home automation systems are easily installed in both newly-constructed and existing homes. We leverage standards-based wireless and wired technology so you don't have to tear open walls or remodel your entire home.

We take all of the technology in your home and make it work together. You manage the lighting, security, music and entertainment in your home easily and effortlessly.

Smart home systems: solutions

Audiosmiths's customised home automation systems and products promise:

  • focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and cost-of-ownership
  • delivery of the most reliable, user-friendly solutions in the industry
  • co-operative relationships with clients, building industry professionals and consultants
  • modern aesthetic appeal
  • neat integration and installation
  • comfort and convenience tailored around your needs and lifestyle
  • peace of mind through a host of safety and security features
  • customised solutions through brand independence
  • solutions for retrofit and new construction projects
  • future-proofing through upgradeability

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The best in wireless home automation Audiosmiths home automation systems and products
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