Hotel automation and hotel room control

Audiosmiths offers the first standards-based, door-to-drape, automation and entertainment control technology for hotel and resort owners. Guests are able to use a single remote to control draperies, lighting, room temperature, room status, television, music, and video systems.

With the same remote, your guests can schedule wake-up calls and make requests for services such as valet, housekeeping, room service, spa and more. This gives your guests the unprecedented ability to create an environment perfectly suited for their stay.

By storing profiles of each of your guests, the system can automatically set the room or the preferences of the person checking in, ensuring that they immediately enjoy personalised comfort and convenience. Hospitality automation at its best!

Hotel automation: energy efficient and cost saving

Hotel automation is an unobtrusive way to conserve money and resources by not running HVAC systems in unoccupied rooms. It gives you the benefits of a practical, reliable automation system at a price that fits your budget. Our standards-based system maximises construction cost savings by eliminating nearly all low-voltage wiring and reducing the conduit, labour and material for control and lighting systems. Our suite system is environmentally focused, delivering LEED Certification in most cases. In addition, we offer a remote internet service which provides the property with remote property management, control, and service from any internet connection.

Cape Town hotel automation and hotel room control

Hotel automation: works with all major hotel systems

Hotel automation is easy to install, delivering both wired and wireless solutions in new construction or retrofits of properties. It makes life easy for you and your guests by providing simple, intuitive solutions. Our IP-based automation systems seamlessly interact with existing hotel systems and networks, enabling communication between electronic devices from virtually any vendor - including drapery controls, mini-bar automation, security and access management, and more. Our solutions are based on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee technology standards and adhere to strict safety guidelines. All products are FC, UL, CE and RoHs certified.

"This guestroom platform allows Mandarin Oriental to develop the guest facing user interface to a level never before seen. Guests will be controlling every aspect from door to drapes via this advanced integrated control system. We see the system's speed and intuitive interface with the TV as key points that will allow the guest to truly interact with their environment."
David Heckaman, VP Technology, Mandarin Oriental

The best automation and entertainment control technology for hotel and resort owners

Hotel automation: hotel room control

Our powerful Hospitality Dashboard is a web-based application that integrates with property management systems to check in/check out guests, deliver special services, and store guest preferences. The tool is also used to provision and manage guest rooms and alert technical systems to problems or low batteries in remotes. It can be implemented on-site or from a remote monitoring location.

"Implementing standard-based products on standards such as ZigBee increases integration of existing systems and reduces overall cost of ownership." Brent Hodges, V.P. Marketing, ZigBee Alliance

Quick Fact:

Lighting accounts for up to 35% of a hotel's energy bill, and up to 50-70% of a hotel's energy bill is attributed to heating and cooling.

Hotel automation system

The first door-to-drapes IP solution

Smart Lighting
Automates the lighting to go on and off as required, providing an easy and automatic way to save energy and money. Dimmers are another great way to save energy.
Advanced Temperature Control
Heating and air conditioning can easily be turned down or off when a guest room is unoccupied. Switching off HVAC systems in unoccupied rooms saves you tens of thousands of Rands each year.

With one remote, guests can easily select TV stations using graphical icons for stations. The system also integrates seamlessly with a variety of video providers.

Guests can listen to music from their own iPods, or select music from the system by clicking on the jacket artwork - playing music in one room or having the music play throughout a suite.
Drape Control
Guests can open or close drapes, shades or sheers from the comfort of their bed utilising the TV, keypad or touch screen interface.
Allows guests to wake up to their favorite music or TV station. Wake-up modes can also incorporate lighting, temperature and draperies into the wake-up scene.
Green Settings
Guests can set room preferences such privacy and green features from any touch screen or TV in the room. The green feature button allows guests to request housekeeping services, turn off linen and towel services, create their personal set backs or choose the hotel's preferred green setting.
Services at the Click of a Button
Guests can request services from the bellman's desk, valet, spa, golf club, front desk and more from a touchscreen or TV. Simplikate integration is available for advance concierge.
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