Hotel and guest cinema

Hotel cinema, guest cinema and hotel home theatre
Audiosmiths hotel cinema systems are designed for simplicity, user-friendliness and reliability

Audiosmiths offers a state-of-the-art hotel guest cinema solution that will take your guest experience to a new level. Give your hotel the competitive edge by providing your guests with the opportunity to relax in style while they watch some of their favorite movies in your hotel cinema. Our hotel cinema systems are designed for simplicity, user-friendliness and reliability.

Audiosmiths's hotel cinema solutions provide a complete turnkey solution that includes conceptual design, supply, installation, project management, after-sales service and technical support for your hotel cinema project.

Hotel cinema: ease and simplicity

We integrate the control of your hotel cinema system by allowing your operator access to all available movies from one simple interface. The operator is also able to control all the theatre settings, creating the perfect theatre ambiance. The interface can be made available through one of our specialised system remote controls, a table-top touch screen or in-wall touch screen, or even your projector screen. We can also position an in-wall touch screen at your operator's office or behind your reception area.

Hotel cinema: design and planning

Similar to residential home cinemas, the audio visual design of a hotel cinema is an important element of the overall architectural design process. We provide complete build-out recommendations for your hotel cinema in AutoCAD. We also carefully analyse and recommend the most appropriate specifications for seating layouts, viewing angles, screen placement, speaker placement, listening angles, projector placement, throw distance, sound-proofing and more.

Our design plan incorporates the required room size, seating requirements, lighting requirements, acoustic signature of the room as well as interior design specifications for your hotel cinema. The integration of motorised screen curtains and fully automatic lighting and dimming controls result in a truly successful guest home theatre.

Hotel cinema: solutions

Audiosmiths's hotel cinema systems promise:

  • co-operative relationships with clients, building industry professionals and consultants (we are a member of the Master Builders Association Western Cape)
  • installation service strives to fully conceal all audio visual equipment and cabling
  • we meet the strictest interior design requirements and provide a truly authentic private cinema ambience to your hotel cinema
  • a visual impact and sound quality which by far exceeds that of a public cinema

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