Presentation systems: audio and video

Looking for affordable state-of-the-art displays for your modern retail store, with entertaining background video and audio playback? Or big screen entertainment in your restaurant to broadcast live sports and other entertainment?

Audiosmiths provides audio and video presentation solutions for almost every industry and market, specialising in retail and restaurant applications. We also offer presentation solutions for small companies, large corporations, retail outlets, restaurants, houses of worship and education facilities.

Presentation solutions: audio and video

Located in Cape Town, our experience and expertise as the best audio and video provider means that we tailor presentation solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. You deal with only one contractor - us. Working closely with you during your project, we supply every element from the initial needs analysis, design sketches and recommendations, AutoCAD drawings and wiring diagrams, audio-visual product supply, highly experienced and trained in-house technicians, to all installation and programming - as well ascommissioning our systems to your operators.
The result? Audio and video perfection, blending technical skill with those all-important aesthetic elements.

We also offer a comprehensive after-sales service and presentation system maintenance plan.

Boardroom systems: audio and video

Modern boardroom design typically includes a selection of high-quality high-tech audio-visual equipment (plasma and LCD displays, data-video projectors, projector screens, sound and speaker systems, audio equipment and DVD players). Our boardroom solutions offer all the elements needed for your boardroom system.

These include integrated lighting systems, control systems, and a wide range of audio-visual furniture specifically designed for presentation solutions.

Presentation systems and solutions in Cape Town

Boardroom solutions: audio and video

We provide boardroom design incorporating full automation, giving you easy-to-use control of all audio-visual and electronic equipment. Our boardroom solutions even feature a simple one-touch operation. Press the "Start Presentation" button on one of the wireless touch panels and watch the lights dim down, the curtains or blinds close, the projector screen descend from the ceiling and the audio-visual equipment switch on. This convenience and total control over your presentation system gives an overwhelmingly professional impression to your clients.

Our interior design partners can integrate important design elements including corporate colours, logos and themes into your boardroom audio and video solution according to your requirements and budget - promoting your brand within your presentation environment.

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