Video distribution and multi room video systems

Audiosmiths multi room video systems distribute video source signals to various rooms of the home, enabling you to store your family's favourite DVDs on a central digital video server and stream movies around the house to any TV of your choice. The whole family will love the choice and variety our systems offer.

Our multi room video system gives you access to all your favourite movies from one simple interface, allowing you to search by title, cover art, genre, director or actor. This menu-driven, graphical user interface can be made available through one of our specialised system remote controls, a table-top touch screen or in-wall touch screen or even on your existing TV screen. And, as movie distribution continues to evolve, you can access all kinds of video sources - Blu-ray, streaming internet video and more - all from the same easy-to-use interface.

Distribution video systems: quality and convenience

Our video distribution systems ensure that there is no quality degradation over distance - you are always assured of high quality images and audio. The biggest advantage of this technology is its wireless capabilities - a practical and cost-effective solution no matter what your home or business.

Distributed video provides a truly unmatched user experience! Your very own video-on-demand and interactive viewing service.

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Audiosmiths's multi room video system gives you access to all your favorite movies
Video distribution and multi room video systems
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