Services that save time, frustration & money


We consult with you or your architect on new projects or we can upgrade your existing system. We will listen to your audio, video, network, Hi Fi and home automation needs and then fill in the gaps to help you arrive at an ideal solution that will work within your budget and expectations.


We like to get involved early in the planning stages so that all cables can be hidden, discrete speakers can be installed in-ceiling if required and all needs can be covered. Listening well and planning ensure a seamless experience.


Your solution is built up from a variety of suppliers and options. We source equipment that offers reliability, value for money and great performance.


No installation is the same. We install according to the design plans and specifications. We work alongside other contractors to ensure that your custom fit solution is managed to the highest standard.


The systems and products we supply are intuitive and user-friendly, but we stick around to train you to fully understand and enjoy your new system.


We respond to clients’ needs quickly; be it telephonically, remotely or onsite visits. We offer ongoing maintenance and updates, to take the hassle out of your audio visual experience.